About Us

Just a few lines to let you know how Big Pan artisan came to be....

Over the years I have travelled with family and friends to areas of Spain enjoying the local foods and flavours.  During these trips I would always order paella as I loved the taste of the dish and the spectacle of seeing the huge pans containing an array of colourful ingredients transformed into a delicious dish which could be shared with family and friends.  On one of my trips, during 2010, I found a specialist trader in a local food market selling a variety of big paella pans, burners and equipment.  That was it.  I had to have my own big paella pan!  I was all set to buy my first kit, but then, after being given a reality check by my wife as to the logistics of getting all this large equipment back to the UK on a plane, I decided to shelve the idea.  But the seed was planted!

Returning to the UK my wife relayed the tale to my family and on my next land mark birthday I was presented with my first paella burner, stand and big pan.

Over the next few years I cooked paella for family and friends' birthdays, gatherings, celebrations, etc.  The numbers I cooked for increased and so did the size of the pans.  After gaining confidence of the quality of the paella, I started to cook other big pan dishes such as cassoulet, stews, curries, chillies and tartiflette.  Realising how much I enjoyed cooking big pan foods for large parties, and after much encouragement from friends and family, Big Pan artisan was conceived in 2017.

We now look forward to joining you and your guests at your next party, wedding or event to share our delicious paella party catering and big pan foods across Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Party, wedding, event catering. We're here waiting to start planning !


The sensible (but very important) stuff !


Whatever the occasion we, along with our clients, complete a pre-event plan so that we have all the details to ensure the smooth running of your event, giving you peace of mind and leaving you to enjoy the occasion with your guests.

We will:

  • Plan menu options, guest numbers, dietary requirements and budget.

  • Confirm venue location and plan journey times.

  • Arrive at the venue at an agreed time to set up our cooking station before your guests arrive.

  • Have food ready to serve at agreed times.

  • Make sure our staff are helpful, polite, welcoming and dressed smartly.

  • Clear away all equipment without disruption, leaving the venue clean and tidy.